The new Event Website

Faster, more advanced and stunning

We have updated the Event Website. This new version has a glossy new design and many extra options to present your event in an even more appealing way.




The new website is modern, fast and fully responsive - it looks fantastic on all devices and browsers!


 Explore the new look & feel


What will change?


The new Event Website has an updated design and is superfast. You as a user have many more options to style your event website according to your preference:


    • Choose the template that best matches your event (Standard, Advanced or Registration only)
    • Create your own style using background colors, images, logo options and buttons
    • Place a stylish countdown timer on your homepage
    • Choose from different menu options (desktop and mobile)
    • Design your own homepage, using handy widgets
    • Style the header and footer for extra information 


When can I start using the new website?


The new update will be launched on March 30th. All Momice accounts will be automatically transferred on Saturday April 14. In case you want to start using the new features between March 30 and April 14, please let us know!


What will happen to my old templates?


You can no longer use them. But don’t worry: the new Event Website has so many options that you can easily create the desired style - and make your event websites look even more stunning! You can make use of 3 beautiful templates as a starting point for your own event website design.


What will happen to my old events?


All events that were created prior to the update can be managed until they are archived (30 days after the event). You can no longer replicate them. All events that are created after the update will get the new look & feel.


Will this update give me extra work?


In principle, no. The new templates were created to save you time. There are, however, many extra options in the new version - so you can go all out if you want to! In case you don’t have time to create an event website, Momice Agency can offer you a solution, by handling the entire event communication process on your behalf.


Do I have to pay for the new Event Website?


No. We want to offer software that is up-to-date and looks amazing. Therefore, the new design is accessible for all our clients - at no extra charge.


Will all website pages remain the same?


All pages have been updated, but the functionalities of most pages are unchanged. The registration page changed, as a result of the new Ticket Module.


Are the 5 steps still the same?


Yes. You can build your new websites in the same way. Step 2 is still the place to style your website - with some minor changes as a result of the new features. In step 3 you can still build your pages, and after this you can create your homepage (event summary) by using widgets. The first time you open the tool after the update, we will guide you through all the changes.


Do website images still have the same specs?


No, the images have new specs and should be at least 1920px wide. More information about the dimensions can be found here.


What happens if I have a Wildcard?


If you have a Wildcard, your account settings will be automatically transferred. You can leave it all up to us.


We're here to help!


We are currently updating the Help Center, in order to give you extensive information regarding all your possible questions. And of course, our support team is always at your service. If you can’t find the time to dive into the new possibilities of the new Event Website, you can always consider handing over your complete event communication to Momice Agency.


The Ticket Module 

Please note: the Website Module is not the only change that comes with this major update. We have added a completely new module: TICKETS! Now you can manage all your entry tickets and easily sell tickets online!


Read more about tickets


Event tickets