About Momice

Events are serious business

“The Momice team will stay eager to set the new standard for easy event software. Because we care, honestly.”

– Momice mission –

Events are an increasingly important aspect of any sales and marketing strategy. So an Events Department plays an essential role in an organisation. Momice offers professional event software to help you take your events to the next level. Our software incorporates all of the key elements in event communication (Email, Registration, Website, Tickets,

Survey and Statistics) in one user-friendly tool.

Seminars, conferences, meetings and more

For all B2B events

B2B events come in many forms and range from large gatherings such as congresses and seminars, to management meetings, team away days and business trips. Momice software is designed to support any kind of event.

Our software is already being used by more than 300 organisations. In 2017, this resulted in:

Event emails



Event calendar



Event registrations



Clients in all sectors

Events are organised by profit and nonprofit companies of all sizes in all sectors, from the healthcare industry to the arts. This is reflected in our client base:

By event professionals, for event professionals

The market is always changing, so our software keeps evolving. We regularly organise events to learn more about our clients’ needs. Together we can make our product even better! If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

By event professionals, for event professionals