The new General Data Protection Regulation

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At Momice, we aim for the highest level of security, when it comes to processing data. Our software meets all requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR compliant Event software

Data processing inside the EU

In order to process and store your data as safely as possible, we selected a Dutch hosting provider - and work with Dutch and European sub processors when possible. The Momice data are stored in a private cloud environment and our data centers are on Dutch grounds. This makes the chain of data processing for your events clear and controllable.

Security as a core value

Momice works closely together with established partners, in order to make sure the company processes related to security and privacy meet the highest standards. Our information security policy is carefully designed to process and store your data safely.


Keep your eventdata safe, meet the EU security policies
Privacy by design automatically deletes eventdata

Privacy by design

The time your data is stored on Momice servers is limited to an absolute minimum. 30 Days after the event, your data will be deleted automatically. This gives you enough time to export your data and store them in your own system.

DDMA Privacy Guarantee

DDMA is the Dutch association for marketing and data. Organisations with the DDMA Privacy Guarantee respect the privacy legislation and deal with personal data carefully and transparently.


The DDMA Privacy Guarantee is a privacy scan that was sharpened in 2017 following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Momice is entitled to the Privacy Guarantee and has obtained the security label ‘Gold’ for the security check.


Logo privacy guarantee DDMA

Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

In order to service the legal department of your organisation - and speed up the process, Momice developed a Data Processing Agreement template, covering objectives, responsibilities and security measures.


This Data Processing Agreement template is specifically designed for event registration software and meets all GDPR requirements.


Download the template

How to make your event department GDPR compliant?

Minimise the risk of a data breach

In each registration process, many personal data are processed. These data are privacy-sensitive and a data breach can have negative consequences both for your contacts and for your own organisation (you risk high fines)! Momice not only offers the most secure event software, but also supports event professionals in how to process data in a conscious and secure way.


As of May 25, 2018, a new EU privacy law (GDPR) concerning personal data protection will apply. Read one of our blogs or download the white paper on how to prepare yourself!


Download the GDPR white paper