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Communicate easily with your invitees

Are you organising a B2E (business-to-employee) event for your company or team? Make personalized invitations in your own style, a stylish website containing all the information and enable your colleagues to sign up in 1 click. From board meetings to Christmas parties, Momice makes the communication around your employee event smooth and easy.

Keep track of who is attending your event

Simple sign-up for your employee event

Keeping track of ‘registrations’ for your employee event can be very time consuming if you don’t have the right software to support you. Momice enables you to easily import employee contacts, create an attractive invitation email in no-time - and efficiently send reminders and updates. No more hassle with Excel lists and scattered emails. Do you need specific information (like the children’s names for Santa Clause or dietary preferences for a board meeting incl. dinner)? You can simply ask them in the registration form.

A branded event website for your employee event

Swiftly create an event website containing all info for your team or employee event. When are people expected, what’s the dress codes and what about parking or PT? Add one or more event locations, workshop timings and photos and videos to the website - or display a guest list to show who else is coming. The website is fully responsive, so it looks great on both desktop and mobile devices. Your attendees can add a handy shortcut to their smartphone and use the event website as an app - now they can always access the latest information.

Create an event website for your employee event

Various target groups

When you are organizing an event consisting of multiple elements, it is possible to invite specific people to different parts of the program. For example, exclusively invite the board or a specific team. You can also use Momice to create tickets to a particular workshop, dinner or lunch. Now you can streamline all communications and avoid errors in registrations.

Post-event survey

After the event you can ask your team for feedback with the survey page. With Momice you keep all communication in a user-friendly overview and save you a lot of time.

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