Momice Updates: November '19

The end of 2019 is in sight, and we have some updates ready for you. Read all about it in this Momice Updates blog!

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Ronald Vermeulen: ‘Momice helps us shape our digital transformation’

Ronald Vermeulen, manager at Wissenraet Van Spaendonck, explains why Momice is one of the tools that helps shaping their digital transformation.

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Topsport Amsterdam: Relations and events help us expand our network

In this Momice interview, the commercial manager Frank van Rooijen explains how Topsport Amsterdam uses events and its relations to expand their network.

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Momice Updates: Summer release '19

The Momice developers have been working very hard this summer to launch some new features. Read all about it in this Momice Updates blog!

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With these 7 tips from our designers you will create an appealing event website and invitation

How do you ensure your event website and invitation are both appealing and functional? Momice designers Michel and Victorine share their tips & tricks!

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How The Next Web uses data to prevent long queues

Annick van Dijk tells Momice how The Next Web makes clever use of data to attract more visitors and to prevent queues during the event.

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Momice founder Rutger Bremer explains how to use events for co-creation (and vice versa)

Momice CEO Rutger Bremer knows like no other how to use events. Co-creation prevents disappointments and teaches organisations to respond to the market.

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'Smart software contributes to the quality of events'

Krista van den Brink tells Momice how smart software helped USG People with the kick-off of the USG People Get Together Event at AFAS live.

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GvE Director Dirk Prijs about the future of events

Dirk Prijs is CEO of the Genootschap voor Eventmanagers (Dutch Association for Event Managers). The association represents 235 event managers and 165 companies. In this interview with Momice, he explains developments the event managers should prepare for.

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‘Higher attendance rate thanks to Momice’

Recently, the book Digital Capital by Denis Doeland got published. To promote the book, Doeland organised a book launch in the A’dam Tower. In this interview he explains how Momice was involved in the event registration and how the event registration software helped him increase the attendance rate.

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Increase the attendance rate of your event

The internet is a huge part of our daily lives. An enormous database of knowledge and information is only a few clicks away. It is precisely in this digital era that real-life meetings – such as a seminar, conference or networking event – extra important and valuable. But how do you actually increase the turnout of your event?

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Events: A year in review

The end of the year is approaching quickly. For many organisations, December the time for looking back and looking ahead, on end-of-year festivities and network events. How do you look back on your event year? Are you celebrating your successes? How do you know whether your events were successful?

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4 Types of B2B events & their characteristics

This blog gives a concise overview of the most common types of Business to Business events (B2B). Per type: conference, congress, symposia, product launch, employee meeting, we list the most important characteristics and how to respond to them.

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How to use B2B tools: A handy overview!

Abbreviations are everywhere: CMS, CRM, MAP, EMS, ESP, SaaS. But what do they mean? We made a handy overview of B2B tools you can use. And which integration should be added to your wish list!

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How to change your event website into a web app

Create your own event app with Momice. Here’s how to transform your event website into a web app for your visitor in 5 steps!

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Events: What the SaaS?

When using the term SaaS in the event industry, you see event managers questioning. Find everything you need to know about Software as a Service here.

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4 Event management tools everyone should be using

Here are the 4 most useful event management tools any event planner should be using. Find here our latest discoveries!

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You organise more events than you think!

Organising events? On average you organise 27 per year. Chances are that the number of meetings in your organisation is also a lot higher than you expect.

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How to survive June, the busiest event month of the year

Of the annual 27 events, 15% is organised in June. Make sure that you as an event manager are well prepared with these event tips and productivity tools.

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5 Event management tools you can’t miss

How to improve meeting deadlines as an event manager? We love to help you by sharing these 5 event management tools to streamline your daily activities.

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The figures are clear: Events are Serious Business

Get in-depth information about the event industry 2016 - 2017. 833 event managers said what they think is important when organising an event. Find out here the results of the questionnaire conducted by High Profile Locaties.

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Amsterdam Marketing: A time-saving tool

Amsterdam Marketing organises 3 networking events a year for their partners. They are able to manage more events every year by using a time-saving tool.

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