Make your events accessible with these 6 tips

The accessibility of events is very important. Marianne Dijkshoorn shares six tips with Momice on how to improve the accessibility of events.

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Event pro, you determine the success of an event

Event professionals give their all to create a great event. How do they set the success of an event?

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The top 10 frustrations of event managers (and how to avoid them)

When organising an event, there's a lot to deal with. Because of that, event professionals are Renaissance men. Yet, they often run into similar obstacles. Why is that? And what can be done about it?

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'An unclear invitation is a mortal sin'

Merlin Melles is called the networking queen of the Netherlands. She founded Founders Carbon Network (fCN): a networking organisation with 500 members. fCN organises events that attract more people than are invited. She shares her experiences with event organisers.

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