Eight tips to increase the attendance rate of open days

How do you get the attention of potential pupils and students? In this blog, Momice shares 8 tips to increase the attendance rate during open days!

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With these 7 tips from our designers you will create an appealing event website and invitation

How do you ensure your event website and invitation are both appealing and functional? Momice designers Michel and Victorine share their tips & tricks!

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How The Next Web uses data to prevent long queues

Annick van Dijk tells Momice how The Next Web makes clever use of data to attract more visitors and to prevent queues during the event.

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'An unclear invitation is a mortal sin'

Merlin Melles is called the networking queen of the Netherlands. She founded Founders Carbon Network (fCN): a networking organisation with 500 members. fCN organises events that attract more people than are invited. She shares her experiences with event organisers.

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'Organise events with a twist'

Not once, Hans van der Beek waited in line for an event. As journalist for the Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool, he writes about networking events, openings and other events. Van der Beek talks about his years of experience as a visitor with event managers and shares his unvarnished opinion.

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‘Higher attendance rate thanks to Momice’

Recently, the book Digital Capital by Denis Doeland got published. To promote the book, Doeland organised a book launch in the A’dam Tower. In this interview he explains how Momice was involved in the event registration and how the event registration software helped him increase the attendance rate.

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Increase the attendance rate of your event

The internet is a huge part of our daily lives. An enormous database of knowledge and information is only a few clicks away. It is precisely in this digital era that real-life meetings – such as a seminar, conference or networking event – extra important and valuable. But how do you actually increase the turnout of your event?

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Personalisation = the future (also for events!)

Company’s fight over the attention of potential customers. We all know that screaming louder is not the way to go. But how to reach them? What you need is relevant content, things that matter to your audience: personalisation.

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5 Tips for effective CTA's in your event email invitation

Find out how to use a call-to-action (CTA) in your event email invitation and thus increase the registration for your event. Find out where you place buttons, in which color and determine the right copy.

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How to stay in control of your event registration

Set up a successful email campaign with an email invitation, event reminder and save-the-date. Get more attendees with a successful event registration process and by using event software.

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4 Indicators to determine the result of your event email

Sending a good event mailing results in more registrations and less no-shows for your event. Do you know how to determine the success of your event email? We'll explain on which 4 aspects to focus on for sending effective email invitations.

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How mail settings improve the click through rate (CTR)

How to improve the open and click through rate (CTR) with your mail settings? Make sure visitors of your event don't miss any email with the following 5 steps.

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In 3 steps an easy to read event email

How to create the perfect communication flow for your event. The following blog is about the importance of layout for a successful event email campaign.

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Send an excellent event email in 5 steps

Sending a save the date email is the very first touchpoint when communicating with your attendees. Set up the perfect event email invitation for a higher attendance at your events.

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